Almost a year ago, I met a lovely couple at the market, visiting from Arizona
They came out to visit my workshop and commissioned me to create a large whale sculpture to fit a specific space in their home. I was provided with the dimensions of the alcove, a general direction and left to come up with a design.

I often carve a sculpture and then sort out a base that suits it best when it’s almost done. In this case, given the very specific size and shape of the space, I needed to find the base before I could create the design. After 8 months I found the right pice of driftwood and brought it back the workshop where it spent weeks drying out near the wood stove. And then I designed the whale carvings around the driftwood. They were very patient with the me as I worked on the piece over the next few months. The finished piece made safely to their home in Arizona at the end of April.

The wood is 40” high. The whales, carved from moose antler are 8” , 15” and 18” long.

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