Odds & ends

It would be hard to estimate the number and styles of whales I have carved. Whale jewelry. Whale sculpture. Whales carved in exotic wood, moose, caribou and deer antler, beef bone, and recently carved from plywood and then charred. Small whale pendants and multiple large whales on a 4 foot base. Whales mounted on drift […]

I don’t know how I got started carving tree frogs in antler, but I am somewhat amazed when I go through old sketch books and see how many I have carved in the last 30 plus years. Climbing frogs, hanging frogs, single frogs, pairs of frogs, trios of frogs and once because I had the […]

Wildlife was always the focus of my art. Even as a kid, if I was drawing or painting, my subject matter was wildlife. When I stared carving it was birds. Ducks to start, then song birds, birds of prey and eventually whales in wood. When began to work in antler and bone, it was still […]

Fishbones The fish bone pendant is one of my oldest and by far, one of my most popular designs. I have a 25+ year old sketch book in which I first drew this design, and I still refer to it when I am starting a batch of fishbones.   They are a bit finicky to carve, […]

Vortex Caribou antlers on wooden plate. 5” Have you ever been swimming or diving and when you were fully submerged, looked up through the water to the surface? The water directly overhead looks like a bright circle of blue water surrounded by darker water, and depending on how deep you are, many fade out completely […]

Almost a year ago, I met a lovely couple at the market, visiting from ArizonaThey came out to visit my workshop and commissioned me to create a large whale sculpture to fit a specific space in their home. I was provided with the dimensions of the alcove, a general direction and left to come up […]