It would be hard to estimate the number and styles of whales I have carved. Whale jewelry. Whale sculpture. Whales carved in exotic wood, moose, caribou and deer antler, beef bone, and recently carved from plywood and then charred. Small whale pendants and multiple large whales on a 4 foot base. Whales mounted on drift wood, recycled chair backs, abandoned lobster trap wood, in old picture frames, and on upcycled cupboard doors…

I can trace my fascination with whales to before I began to carve. I once explored studying cetology (whale biology) for a masters degree in Newfoundland before we up and moved to the prairies. So instead of whales becoming my career, they became an artistic passion. And I still carve whales with as much enthusiasm as I did when I started to carve them _ (redacted) years ago.

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