Shousugiban Humpback Whale – Calf


Shousugiban humpback whale, carved from plywood and then charred. Sealed with beeswax and mineral oil.  13” x 7”.

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Humpback whale – calf.  Sculpture, created from carved and charred plywood.

13” x 7”

Drawing inspiration from shousugiban, the Japanese technique of wood preservation, this humpback whale is carved, and then charred with a propane torch. The burnt residue is removed with a wire brush, a process that highlights the distinctive patterns and textures of the plywood medium, and adds to the sense movement in the piece. A sawtooth hanger is attached for easy hanging, and I have signed the back. Each piece is sealed with beeswax and mineral oil.

The natural imperfections in the plywood reflect the scars and markings found on real whales, born of their long lives in the oceans. The ever different grains in the wood make each whale sculpture a truly unique and beautiful piece of art. The patterns of grain in your whale may differ from the whale pictured.   The large whale is sold separately.

I design and carve my sculptures from my studio in Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island.

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 6 cm


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