Fly Like an Eagle


Eagle, carved from naturally shed moose antler and mounted on a carved and charred wooden base with brass detail.

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Eagle carved from moose antler and mounted on charred wood with brass detail

Eagles, also known as raptors or birds of prey, are hunting birds with keen eyesight, strong talons and powerful curved beaks. Inspired by a bald eagle, this piece also represents any magnificent bird of prey.  This sculpture is carved from moose antler and mounted on a charred wood base.  The sculpture is 10” long and 8” high.  It is fully carved on both sides so can be displayed to be viewed in all directions.   The base continues the  line of the eagle to create an impression of movement.   The wood is charred, cleaned with a wire brush and sealed with a wax finish   A curved brass rod connects the pieces and further adds to the graceful lines of the piece.

I design and carve all of my jewelry and sculpture in my studio/ workshop located in Brackley Beach, Prince Edward Island.

I use antler that is naturally shed and regrown by the animal each year. Once carved, each piece is sanded and buffed to  highly polished finish.

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