Mushrooms on Purple


Mushrooms carved from caribou antler and mounted a fun piece of driftwood.
Total height is 6” high. The base is 17” wide and is painted dioxazine purple.


A trio of mushrooms carved from caribou antler and mounted on a slender curvy piece of driftwood. .
The mushrooms  with  base are 6” high. The base is 17” wide, and has been painted dioxazine purple.
I have been carving a lot of mushrooms lately.  I find them to be both quirky and beautiful at the same time. I enjoy adding the gill detail on the underside of the mushroom cap.  It’s like a little secret.  You have to look closely or pick it up to see it, but it makes the piece that much more interesting.   These mushrooms are the result of blending traditional materials with modern carving techniques in an exploration of the beauty of the natural world.
I design and carve all of my sculpture in my studio/ workshop located in Brackley Beach.
I use antler, which is naturally shed and regrown by the animal each year. Once carved, each piece is sanded and buffed to  highly polished finish. Each sculpture is signed.
Drift wood is painted with a thin wash of acrylic paint so that the effects of the wear of the ocean water are not hidden.
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